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- Khalil Gibran

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.                                                                                            


Many things impact us on a daily basis; our "to do" lists, work/life balances, external factors such a current events, YOU ARE  having a bad day, the line at the grocery was too long and this impact causes our minds and bodies unnecessary stress and often perceived unhappiness.   By participating in group conversations, our thoughts and feeling become more normalized and it naturally eases our tension.   We also begin to feel empowered and realize that we can impact change.  As a facilitator, I strive to create a learning environment where participants feel safe to take risks, try new things, and grow personally and professionally.  I open up real conversations, and support growth and development within in each of you as well as on a broader scale WHERE YOU CAN LEARN FROM EACH OTHER.  


As a teacher/facilitator, I hope to create meaningful experiences that gives participants the opportunity to develop within themselves.  I believe that each 

Mind & Spirit

participant comes with different knowledge and skill sets, different approaches to learning, and distinct experiences, therefore I attempt to provide a variety of ways for them to learn from each discussion.

I am energized by the challenge of getting to know the groups I facilitate and finding the ways to best help them learn.  As a facilitator, I hope to create meaningful learning experiences, ones that gives participants the opportunity to develop within themselves.  I continually work to find better methods and strategies to reach participants and meet their needs and work to incorporate them into my facilitation process.

Body & Mind

Qigong is a passion of mine. I learned about Qigong when researching how I could get back into physical shape after having neck and back surgery. The strength-building and stretching movements have helped me improve my posture and have taught me how to move my body in the ways it was intended. The flowing movements incorporated in the practice have enhanced my meditation practice and helped me to experience more energy and vitality in my life. After 18 years as a professor at Southern Methodist University, I retired and immediately began working toward my 200 certification from Holden Qigong. I enjoy teaching workshops and mini-series in Qigong at Yoga Studios in my neighborhood when I’m not on the road with my husband, dog and camper or visiting my children and grand children. Qigong has enhanced my life in so many ways and I look forward to guiding you through warm-ups, stretches, flows and meditations that result in increased energy, vitality, and flexibility for you as well. 

Seasons  QIGONG Workshop -

        Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Each season has a primary element and each exercise corresponds with each season.  Join me in learning how to maximize each season for your best energetic output. 

Retreats – MORE DETAILS COMING.  QiGong retreats AND/OR  or facilitation retreats  

Topics  - effective communication over a variety of topics of interest to the group, talking circles, mindful movement, personal development, current event issues,

Facilitates book talk



Individual or Group Sessions
Menu of Services
Tea Ceremony  

Chi and tea – chinese tea ceremoy where philosophy is more fully discussed

3 hours - $65 

Qi Gong Session(s)
 one-on-one instruction, GROUP INSTRUCTION
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