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"" . . . [I} wish to tell you how much I enjoy your classes. The feeling after is, well so good. Things have moved that have not moved for a while". Tom, Virginia, 2023. 


"Thank you for offering your wonderful Qigong classes. Over these few years I have gained familiarity with many of the movements as well as an increase self-awareness of body tension. The use of breathing and visualization you teach help me to focus and reduce those daily tensions. Sharing your expertise and passion for the practice of Qigong has been a gift. Karen, Massachusetts 2023


". . . I noticed that my neck area was sore which I hadn’t been aware of until we began. By the time the lesson was finished all of the tension was gone. I also really appreciated your gentle instructions, soothing voice and all of the nature images. You’re a great teacher and I look forward to practicing with you again." Ellen, Reston, VA


Thank you so much for your wisdom, care, and teaching of Qigong through the weekly Zoom classes. It has been life changing and affirming. A work colleague noted that I was “living my best life” during the global pandemic. I had to pause to take the comment in, and say, “Wow! You’re right!” Taking the weekly Qigong class with you has been a form of meditation, of self-care, and of engaging in social justice. Thank you for offering Qigong via Zoom. I have now started to do some Qigong movements on my own, even during work meetings, and I have also started offering gratitude to healthcare workers and social justice warriors as you do in class. I am looking forward to keeping up my Qigong practice through these Zoom classes—thank you for the opportunity!

Ryoko, Arlington, VA. Zoom Qigong

"Your Thursday classes have become such an integral part of my week. Congratulations on the community you have built by sharing your passion,  knowledge and talents."  Joanne, Garnet Valley, PA Zoom Qigong 

"Thank you so much Barbara -- it was so fun and the gentle movement made me happy inside -- it was like dancing.  One of my favorites was the teacup swirl - it was just fun to move like that with focus and intention.  I so look forward to watching the video and practicing and learning more.  I've blocked my calendar for the next several weeks to keep up the virtual practice.  With gratitude!" Karen, Arlington, VA, Zoom Qigong


"I just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and kindness each week. I love your classes. In addition to a wonderful body movement and mindfulness, there is such a consistent uplifting positive message and beautiful. visualizations, connecting us with nature. I look forward to your classes each week and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you sharing your expertise with us." Karen from Boston, Zoom Qigong 


"What a great class! You’re a wonderful teacher and it was so fun. I was smiling and grinning so much of the time. Way more gentle accessible than lots of things I’ve tried and made so much sense . . . You are such a blessing in this pandemic. It’s so fun to be in touch every week. I think I need to remind myself of my pandemic blessings: Grand daughter born and Qigong . . .  " Tricia, San Antonio, Zoom Qigong.

"Our Thursday morning sessions of Qigong have become the highlight of my week.  I am homebound with a dog in hospice, and lifting his 60 pounds in and out can be a workout.  Fortunately, he’s not in pain and this won’t last indefinitely.  The Qigong with you is so uplifting and centering, so life-affirming, and such a powerful reminder of the ways we are connected to one another, our planet, and can choose the forces that fuel us.  Harry Emerson Fosdick, a courageous pastor in NYC, for whom Riverside Church was built, said we choose the ideas that we serve.  At the time, it was in reference to the US’s refusal to come to Great Britain’s aid in WWII.  We live in parallel times, and your sessions redirect me to all that is positive." Sherry, Alexandria, VA. Zoom Qigong, 

"Just a quick note of sincere thx for ALL the JOY you bring me and my motley crew of friends who are SO enjoying and benefiting from your kindness and compassion with Qigong." Currie, Alexandria, VA. Zoom Qigong, 

"Currie had praised the Qigong practice and raved about your talent and teaching skill. But, everything about the experience was even more wonderful than I expected. THANK YOU for your generosity of time and talent. I was mesmerized and found I was very comfortable with the movements and felt the stretches as you suggested. I felt great all day - reenergized and restored at the same time. I would really like to join you again, and next time I hope to stay for the meditation." Leslie, Philadelphia, Zoom Qigong.

"Currie invited me to your session this morning, which I found simply wonderful.  I feel both peaceful and energetic, physically prepared and spiritually nourished.  I found your instruction to be clear and soothing. Many thanks," Sherry, Alexandria, VA, Zoom Qigong.

“Thank you for the fabulous session today! I feel rejuvenated . . . I am finding this so helpful during the pandemic”  Jill, Takoma Park, MD - Zoom Qigong.

From Halina, in Alexandria, VA - Zoom Qigong 2020: "You did it again! Thank you so much.  I really look forward to Thursday.  I feel so strong, peaceful and content after our practice."


"I was invited to join Barbara's online Thursday Qi Gong practice by a lovely friend and what a gift it was! Barbara is a wonderful instructor! I like how she both guides you through the movements and explains the history and benefits of them. I now jealously guard my Thursday mornings so as not to miss a minute of Barbara's class and community!" ~ Kat, Arlington, VA, Qigong, 2020

"Barb is a wonderful and supportive instructor. Learning from her is fun and relaxing. Not to mention fulfilling. She is down to earth, yet open to the guidance of the Universe. Love her!" Patty in Dallas, TX


"Had an awesome time at class. Thank you for taking the time to introduce Qigong to the ladies." Tammy, Mineola, TX

"I have experienced Barb Morganfield’s great generosity of spirit, which moves her to share her passion for healing and growth. After training in the art of Qi gong, she introduced me to this powerful ancient practice. I still hear her voice when I do my Qi gong first thing every morning. She is one of the finest teachers I have ever encountered." Barbara, Dallas

"Practicing Qi Gong is so simple and so powerful. You cannot do it wrong. You can only do it good, better, or best." Chunyi Lin                                           
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