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"Thank you! I don't tell you enough, I truly appreciate everything you do, NFTE is such a safe, engaging and fun community and I'm so glad to be participating." Kiersten F. Referencing the Faculty Learning Community I facilitated.

From Kathleen G. in a note about the Faculty Learning Community I facilitated. "I just returned from a conference. I know I'm lucky to be included in your group. I feel so fortunate for the feedback I received on my syllabus, the opportunity to discuss texts and situations, and your generous offers of resources. This is a wonderful thing as a new arrival in my first full-time position. I was telling a friend about the resources at SMU and included you. As I was telling her about how the group works, I saw her eyes get a little watery and she said, 'I really need a group like that.' At her small school in MA, she hasn't been able to locate many resources."

"Had an awesome time at class. Thank you for taking the time to introduce Qigong to the ladies." Tammy, writing about a Qigong class.

From Kathryn, a student of mine at SMU: "They say that college is supposed to be four of the best years of your life, and my four years at SMU definitely were. The education  I received and the experiences provided were just incredible. While I had many great professors, one particular individual stands out above the rest, Dr. Barbara Morganfield. I took three different classes from Dr. Morganfield and each one exceeded my expectations. She provided opportunities to take what she taught us into the real world, which was very enlightening. No other teacher I had related to students better than Dr. Morganfield. She was my professor, but she was also a friend. To this day when I visit the campus, I always make sure to go and visit y favorite professor., and II know that I can always get in touch with her if I have a question or dilemma. Dr. Morganfield was a mentor who made my time at SMU an unforgettable one."

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